Book Suggestions

This section will we a list of Books by genre that will constantly grow…


Book Lists for Website: Organized by

Author last name, Genre, and series reading order


Historical Romance:


Ann, Brooklyn

  1. Bite Me, Your Grace
  2. One Bite Per Night
  3. Bite at First Site


Ashe, Katharine

The Prince Catchers Series:

  1. I Married the Duke
  2. I Adored a Lord
  3. I Loved a Rogue
  4. Kisses, She Wrote (novella, 1.5)

The Falcon Club Series:

  1. When a Scot Loves a Lady
  2. How to Be a Proper Lady
  3. How a Lady Weds a Rogue
  4. How to Marry a Highlander (Novella 3.5)
  5. Ask me to Dance

Rogues of the Sea Series:

  1. Swept Away by a Kiss
  2. Captured by a Rogue Lord
  3. In the Arms of a Marquess
  4. A Lady’s Wish (Novella, 1.5)

The Twist Series:

  1. My Lady, My Lord

Other Stories (Stand Alone)

-How Angela Got Her Rogue Back

-The Day it Rained Books

-Captive Bride


Baldwin, Lily

Isle of Mull Series:

  1. To Bewitch a Highlander
  2. Highland Thunder
  3. To Love a Warrior


Caldwell, Christi

The Heart of a Duke Series:

  1. For Love of the Duke
  2. More Than a Duke
  3. The Love of a Rogue
  4. Loved by a Duke
  5. In Need of a Duke (Novella, Prequel)


Carlyle, Liz

The Lorimer family & Clan Cameron:

  1. My false Heart
  2. A Woman Scorned
  3. A Woman of Virtue
  4. A Deal With the Devil
  5. Wicked All Day

MacLachlan Family Series:

  1. The Devil to Pay
  2. One Little Sin
  3. Two Little Lies
  4. Three Little Secrets
  5. One Touch of Scandal
  6. The Bride Wore Scarlet
  7. The Bride Wore Pearls
  8. A Bride by Moonlight
  9. In Love with a Wicked Man
  10. The Earl’s Mistress

The Neville family Series:

  1. School for Heiress: After Midnight
  2. Never Lie to a Lady
  3. Never Deceive a Duke
  4. Never Romance a Rake
  5. Tempted All Night

The Rutledge Family:

  1. Beauty Like the Night
  2. No True Gentlemen
  3. The Devil You Know
  4. The Bride Wore Scarlet


Connally, Colleen

Secret Lives series:

  1. Seductive Secrets
  2. Broken Legacy
  3. Seductive Lies





Dare, Tess

Castles Ever After Series:

  1. Romancing the Duke
  2. Say Yes to the Marquess


Gayle, Catherine

Lord Rotheby’s Influence Series:

  1. Twice a Rake
  2. Saving Grace
  3. Merely a Miss

Cavendish Brothers Series:

  1. An Unintended Journey
  2. To Enchant an Icy Earl
  3. The Cavendish Brothers

The Devilish Devalles:

  1. The Devil to Pay
  2. A Dance with the Devil


Goff, Mandy

Love Inspired Historical:

  1. The Blackmailed Bride
  2. The Aristocrat’s Lady
  3. The Unexpected Bride
  4. Engaging The Earl


Jordan, Sophie

The Debutante Files Series:

  1. A Good Debutante’s Guide to Ruin
  2. An Heiress for All Seasons (Novella, 1.5)
  3. All The Ways to Ruin a Rogue
  4. Not yet Released

The Forgotten Princess Series:

  1. Wicked in Your Arms
  2. Lessons from a Scandalous Bride
  3. The Earl in my Bed (Novella, 2.5)
  4. How to Lose a Bride in One Night

The Derrings Series:

  1. Once Upon A Wedding Night
  2. Too Wicked to Tame
  3. One Night With You
  4. Surrender to Me





Lin, Amber

Men of Fortune Series:

  1. Letters at Christmas
  2. Falling for the Pirate


Linden, Caroline

The Truth about the Duke Series:

  1. I Love the Earl
  2. One Night in London
  3. Blame it on Bath
  4. The Way to a Duke’s Heart


Long, Julie Ann

Stand Alone:

The Runaway Duke

To Love a Thief

The Holt Sisters Trilogy:

1. Beauty and the Spy

2. Ways to be Wicked

3. The Secret to Seduction

The Pennyroyal Green Series:

  1. The Perils of Pleasure
  2. Like No Other Lover
  3. Since the Surrender
  4. I Kissed an Earl
  5. What I Did for a Duke
  6. How the Marquis was Won
  7. A Notorious Countess Confesses
  8. It Happened One Midnight
  9. Between the Devil and Ian Eversea
  10. It Started with a Scandal
  11. The Legend of Lyon Redmond


McQuiston, Jennifer

Second Sons Series:

  1. What Happens in Scotland
  2. Summer is for Lovers
  3. Moonlight on my Mind
  4. Her Highland Fling (Novella)

Seduction Diaries Series:

  1. Diary of an Accidental Wallflower
  2. The Spinsters Guide to Scandalous Behavior
  3. The Perks of Loving a Scoundrel (NR)


Pickens, Andrea

Scandalous Secrets Series:

  1. The Banished Bride
  2. A Lady of Letters
  3. The Major’s Mistake



Ranney, Karen

The Maciain Series

  1. In Your Wildest Scottish Dreams
  2. Scotsman of My Dreams


Rodale, Maya

The Writing Girls Romance:

  1. A Groom of One’s Own
  2. A Tale of Two Lovers
  3. The Tattooed Duke
  4. Three Schemes and a Scandal
  5. Seducing Mr. Knightly

The Wallflower Series:

  1. The Wicked Wallflower
  2. Wallflower Gone Wild
  3. What a Wallflower Wants

Negligent Chaperone Series:

  1. The Heir and the Spare
  2. The Rogue and the Rival

Wysong, Allisia

Traditionally Defiant: Caroline

Arranged alphabetically by, Author last name, Genre, in reading order:

Erotica Romance: (Shortest List lol)

(NR=Not Released)

 Parker, M.S.

Club Prive Series:

  1. Club Prive: Book 1
  2. Club Prive: Book 2
  3. Club Prive: Book 3
  4. Club Prive: Book 4
  5. Club Prive: Book 5

Spin off Series: Chasing Perfection Series:

  1. Chasing Perfection: Vol. 1
  2. Chasing Perfection: Vol. 2
  3. Chasing Perfection: Vol. 3


Robertson, Dawn

Hers Series:

  1. Hers
  2. Finding Willow
  3. Kink the Halls (Christmas Novella)
  4. This Girl Stripped
  5. His
  6. Seven’s Diary (4.5)


Sax, Cynthia

The Seen Trilogy:

  1. He Watches Me
  2. He Touches Me
  3. He Claims Me

Spin off series Novellas:

  1. Flashes of Me
  2. Breaking all the Rules

Sax, Cynthia Ctnd.

Billionaire’s & Bikers Series Novellas:

  1. Sinful Rewards 1
  2. Sinful Rewards 2
  3. Sinful Rewards 3
  4. Sinful Rewards 4
  5. Sinful Rewards 5
  6. Sinful Rewards 6
  7. Sinful Rewards 7
  8. Sinful Rewards 8
  9. Sinful Rewards 9
  10. Sinful Rewards 10
  11. Sinful Rewards 11
  12. Sinful Rewards 12


Stevens, Shelli

Stand Alone Novels-

–         Four Play

–         Theirs to Capture

Cowboy Romance:

T.J. Kline:

Learning the Ropes:

Rodeo Queen

The Cowboy and the Angel

Learning the Ropes

Runaway Cowboy

Hearts Desire

Taking Heart

Close to Heart


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